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Bowen By The Bay

Natural healing and relaxation therapy, IT WORKS WONDERS!



-  I had stress that I carried in my neck relieved - found it very relaxing and generally felt better.   Dawn G.

-  Bowen therapy was a new concept to me so needless to say i had my apprehensions. It is the most relaxing experience I have ever had in my life. The serene surroundings makes one feel so comfortable and the therapy is so gentle and relaxing. What a way to unwind the stresses of life. Thoroughly enjoyed and will go again.    Heather C.

-  My experience with Bowen is very positive! As someone with chronic back pain and an old neck injury Bowen had significantly lessened the discomfort, so much so that after a session I could not even tell there was a problem. Along with the discomfort disappearing the great side effect of being so relaxed afterwards is true bliss. I was so relaxed after my first session I can still remember the feeling today. Guaranteed a restful sleep after sessions!    Derek M.

-  I can't say enough about how positive my bowen experience was.  I hadn't been sleeping well and after my first session I slept thru the night for the first time in weeks.  It helped with my mental health as well. I feel so calm after a bowen treatment.  Best relaxation technique I've ever experienced.      Jenny J.

-  Bowen is a very gentle technique that helped me with my sore joints, back and neck pain. The serene and relaxing atmosphere that surrounds you as you go through your session leaves you feeling very relaxed. It not only relieves pain but stress as well. I would recommend to anyone.   Glenda U.

-  I have had over 12 Bowen sessions with Edna.  No matter how I am feeling, I am always very relaxed and sometimes asleep by the middle of the session.  It is wonderful stress relief and muscle relaxation and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to enjoy a relaxing, serene experience.     David D.

-  Bowen helped with my insomnia, and my body felt so light for the next few days. It was a very relaxing experience and I would definitely do it again!    Brittney C.

- I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004. Over time they found a medicine that worked “well enough” for me so that I could continue to work. But I still had days where the pain and stiffness could be real problematic. I still had trouble sleeping which just made my symptoms worse. I have tried different natural remedies over the years to try and alieve some of what the medication didn’t do for me and never really found anything that was successful. But I am always willing to try new things to see if they will work. Edna explained to me what Bowen was because I had never heard of it before. So I figured I would give it a try. (After all what did I have to lose!) Well during my first session, I could feel “ IT”  working.  I don’t know how to explain it, I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t know how it works.  It’s not a massage, it’s not intense touching or rubbing. I can just explain it as a WOW factor. Just after 3 sessions I am sleeping better, my stiffness and soreness has been greatly relieved. I have more energy and I am not experiencing the middle in the afternoon fatigue where if I put my head down I would fall asleep.  I have no words to describe it, I just highly recommend it. It works, what else needs to be said.    Nancy C. 

- I was more relaxed, less emotional, and my body felt better.  Hannah S.

- Everything about my Bowen experience was beautiful and relaxing. From the lavender essential oil and soothing music to the Bowen Therapy itself, I felt more relaxed and rejuvenated than I had in a long time. I even fell asleep! The space is natural and serene, the Bowen itself made me feel great and the relaxation followed for days after. I went in search of something to alleviate my migraines and found just that and so much more. Edna far exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be a frequent guest.  Jeanne D.

- I just love Bowen Therapy with my therapist, Edna Dennison!  Having never heard of this type of therapy before , I was intrigued to experience and try a new way to help heal my body naturally and bring it back to balance with the help of the therapists techniques which I hear Bowen is based on.  I took the 3 appointments and felt subtle and significant changes, especially my outlook on life in these hard times. I now come for maintenance visits which I savor!  My body really responds to Bowen and I am very happy to have met one fabulous lady who works this amazing therapy on me!!!!  many thanks!    June S.

- “Although a strong believer in naturalistic healing, I had never heard of Bowen prior to meeting Edna.  Upon hearing her description I immediately knew I wanted to experience it.  Once I was on board, my mother and father and sister had their own sessions as well and we all agreed on our individual results: it was well worth it.   You will wonder how this gentle, non-invasive, relaxing session could make such a big difference to your overall well-being, but the end results are remarkable.  Not only do you realize the positive physical shift immediately and over time, but a mental one as well.  I would recommend these sessions to anyone who strives to be their best self and share that with the world every day. You will not be disappointed.”  Victoria P.










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